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Crowns and Bridges

What is the crown of a tooth or teeth?

A crown is a replacement for a tooth or molar. A crown is a covering that fits completely over the tooth. This cover is made of porcelain/ceramic or zircon material. The crown is attached to the tooth that was previously treated in case the tooth is weak and prone to fracture. This gives it the original look and functionality again. This type of treatment is more extensive than a regular filling, and therefore usually takes two sessions to complete the dental crown. However, Hollywood Smile Medical Center has the perfect solution in just one session, using advanced technology that saves time and number of visits, so that the crown can be completed in just one hour.

When do you need a crown or crowns for your teeth?

The crown can be placed for various reasons. When filling is not possible, for example with large tooth decay or a molar fracture. As it is, there were not enough parts of the tooth to place the filling. In these cases, you can choose the crown. Also in the case of root canal treatment, the dentist can also advise you to place a crown on the tooth or molar to avoid any crack or fracture that may occur to the tooth

In some cases of tooth deformation so that porcelain veneers cannot be placed on it (veneers), the doctor may advise you to put a crown, especially when the teeth are small in size with large spaces between the teeth

What types of dental bridges are available?

Each crown in the bridge is referred to as a separate unit. If we were to replace one of the missing teeth, a three-unit bridge would be needed. One unit replaces the missing tooth and the abutments or adjacent units serve as support. A crown that replaces a missing tooth is referred to as a floating unit. Any unit of a bridge that is not cemented onto a natural tooth is abnormal. The supporting units of a dental bridge are referred to as abutments, and they are the points of support on which the bridge rests.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are a stable and essential option to replace missing or chipped teeth. After a dental bridge is installed, it is permanently cemented into the mouth by adjacent teeth. Dental bridges used to be the only permanent option to replace missing teeth or teeth until dental implants came into the scene as a permanent alternative as well. Therefore, dental bridges appeared in a new format when linked to modern dental implant techniques. A dental bridge consists of crowns attached to each other to make complete prosthetics

The purpose of installing dental bridges

But in any prosthetic alternative to replacing missing teeth, these tools must be cleaned frequently and regularly so that no problems arise due to lack of cleaning. Getting a restoration like a crown or bridge means maintaining excellent home care. Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once is essential to maintaining good oral health. Plaque and bacteria are more likely to collect on teeth that have a crown or bridge than on natural teeth. Threading under a bridge can be challenging, especially for people who can’t control their craftsmanship. It is very important to floss under the hidden tooth to prevent plaque build-up, which can lead to bone loss and decay

When do you need to install dental bridges?

Dental bridges are appropriate in many situations, all of which involve missing teeth. Whether you need a tooth extraction due to decay, an irreparable tooth damaged by an injury or accident, or if it causes gum disease in the mouth, you will need to seal the opening it leaves. Leaving an opening in the mouth can cause the teeth and bones to shift dramatically. Over time, missing teeth can even change the shape of your face if left untreated.

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