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3D CT Scan

Three-dimensional CT SCAN

3D CT Scan is one of the scanning technologies that allows the dental specialist to view and analyze the structure of the mouth in an accurate and sophisticated manner. It uses hundreds of 2D digital projections with 360° rotation to ensure full-body imaging. Then the specialist enters some calculations to reset the projections to 3D. At this point, the projections will be ready to scan the body perfectly and then allow specialists to understand the development of the mouth and the basic structure of the jaw bones. 3D CT scans also refute misdiagnosis, opening up other opportunities for obtaining an accurate diagnosis.

The uses of 3D CT scans include:

The importance of 3D CT scans in dentistry

3D CT scan technology provides an accurate way to detect disease or injury that may be difficult to detect with some other medical technologies. Where the 3D CT scan provides an accurate imaging of the affected area, which contributes to determining the best possible treatment for the condition and thus achieving the best desired results, in addition to that it does not cause any harm to the patient during the procedure.

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