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Digital Radiology

digital dental x-ray

Dental x-rays are pictures of the teeth that the dentist uses to assess the health of the mouth, teeth and gums. These x-rays are used, but with a small percentage of radiation so that pictures can be taken from the inside of the teeth and gums. This can help the dentist identify problems with the teeth and gums such as tooth decay, impacted teeth, and gum infections. Dental x-rays may seem a somewhat complicated process, but they are actually very common medical tools that are very important for dental health and safety and are just as important as brushing teeth.

Why are dental x-rays performed?

Dental x-rays are usually performed periodically or annually, and the dentist may need these x-rays to diagnose some diseases or if he wants to follow up on the dental problem and its exacerbation or to identify the results achieved after treatment, but there are a number of factors that affect the number of times Where do you need to have these x-rays done?

Among these factors are the following:

If you’ve recently had a problem with your teeth, you’ll likely have a dental X-ray so the dentist can get a clear picture of your teeth.

The need for dental x-rays for children is more than for adults, because the dentist may need to monitor the growth of children’s teeth.

These x-rays can also help the dentist determine whether there is a problem with the child’s teeth and must be extracted to prevent complications such as the growth of other teeth behind the children’s teeth or not

Types of dental x-rays

There are several types of dental x-rays, the most common types are:

simple rays

It is an x-ray used to photograph a tooth or a molar, one or three molars as a maximum, and one of the advantages of this type of ray is that it is able to detect cases of caries that exist between the teeth, and also detect the roots and tumors of the teeth, and this type of ray is characterized by that it is done quickly and inside clinics private teeth

panoramic rays

For this type of x-ray, it is used to examine your entire teeth, investigate jaw problems monitor any dental abnormalities, and give a complete picture of the shape of your teeth.

Cephalometric rays

This type is mostly used with orthodontic cases, and it is characterized by giving a side view of the jaw and the entire face, and it shows if there is damage to the teeth or not

Preparing for a digital dental x-ray

A dental x-ray does not require any special preparation or prior preparation, the only thing you want to do is to clean your teeth before this procedure is scheduled, as this helps create a more healthy environment for the doctor when dealing with inside your mouth and with your teeth.

At the dentist’s office, you’ll sit in a chair with a bullet guard placed over your chest and abdomen, and an X-ray machine is placed next to your head to record and take pictures of your mouth and teeth.

Some dental clinics have a separate room for dental x-rays, while others do them in the same room for cleanings and other procedures.

Dental x-rays are ready immediately, and this happens in the case of using digital x-rays, the dentist will immediately review them and check whether there are abnormalities in the teeth or in the oral area in general or not.

The dentist will review the results of the x-rays with you so that you know the problem of your teeth and what are the appropriate treatment suggestions for your condition, especially if the dentist discovers any major problems during the x-rays, such as tooth decay or tumors.

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