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Dr. Mohamed Haitham Othman Agha

Doctor of Dental Surgery
General Dentist / General Manager

Dr. Muhammad Haitham Othman Agha graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University in 1972. In 1973 Dr. Muhammad Haitham was one of the first doctors to arrive in the United Arab Emirates, where he worked in several governmental hospitals in the capital Abu Dhabi for eight years, then he established his own clinic in 1981, which bore his name to 1995, the name of the center was changed to the “Family Dental Center” to suggest his three sons who followed their father’s career and studied dentistry and specialized in different fields of dentistry. 

Dr. Mohamed Haitham has been practicing dentistry since 1973 until now, where the experience has reached nearly 50 years in dentistry and management, during which he has practiced various therapeutic and cosmetic dental treatments and managed his own practice professionally.

Dr. Mohamed Haitham is currently working as a general manager and general supervisor at the Hollywood Smile Medical Center, where he continues to manage and supervise all doctors and workers in the center and is keen to follow up on all patients and valued visitors to the center.

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