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One of the most important factors of a person’s confidence in himself is his confidence in his appearance, and this confidence depends on his satisfaction with his aesthetic features, which may have been damaged by time or accidents or even be natural, but does not reach the person to complete satisfaction with his appearance, so the trend of people to the world of cosmetics to solve such as These aesthetic problems, and one of the most important aesthetic features that affect a person’s self-confidence and affect people’s impressions and influence on them; The smile, and the most important thing that makes a perfect smile, is the shape of the teeth that this smile heals, so many people have resorted to using different aesthetic techniques that improve the appearance of the teeth such as orthodontics, teeth whitening and recently dental veneers, what are dental veneers, how are they applied, what are their costs and the best places in conducting it.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin strips, made of materials that have the same clor as natural teeth and are installed on the front of the tooth to improve its aesthetic appearance; It differs from other dental fixtures such as dental implants and crowns, where the implant replaces the entire tooth or molar and crowns are installed over the affected tooth, while dental scales are attached to the tooth itself from the front part only, and in most cases, six or eight crusts are installed on the front teeth to improve The aesthetic appearance of the smile and giving the consistent appearance of the teeth, and it lasts from seven to fifteen years approximately.

Types of dental veneers

Veneers and lumineer are the most popular types of dental veneers, and veneers differ from lumineers in cost. Veneers are thicker and require prior preparation of the teeth before they are installed, while lumineer does not need to cool the enamel layer before installing it on the teeth, and since it is thin, it does not cover fractures. Teeth or the spaces between them, but they are used to give the teeth a homogeneous white color only, and we will talk mostly in this article about veneers, as they need more preparation, are widely used and last for a long time.

The types of dental veneers are generally divided into:

The peels are made of resin compounds (Resin).

Porcelain veneers, also known as ceramic veneers, are distinguished from resin veneers as they are more resistant to staining and mimic natural teeth in reflecting light.

What are dental veneers?

You will visit the dentist first for a consultation and take measurements of the teeth to make the appropriate veneers, and if you need treatment for the roots or gums, this treatment must be completed before installing the dental veneers. Dental veneers will be suitable for you.

Then the doctor will start installing them in one or more separate sessions. The manufacture of dental veneers in the dental lab takes approximately two to four weeks. When installing dental veneers, you will determine with your doctor if you need local anesthesia or not according to your desire.

How to install dental veneers

The dentist removes about half a millimeter from the enamel of the teeth, which is approximately the same thickness of the crusts that will be installed, then sticks the crusts temporarily, to ensure that their shape and color match the shape of the mouth and face as a whole. The assistant cleans the teeth well, which is a very important step to ensure that there are no bacteria on the teeth that may cause rotting under the crusts. Then, using certain machines, the tooth is scraped to make it slightly rougher to strengthen the adhesion. After that, a special strong adhesive is placed the crusts are attached to it, and it is activated by exposing it to a light beam. Ultraviolet to speed up to complete adhesion, and finally, any excess adhesive is removed.

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