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CAD/CAM (Same Day Crown)

What are digital prosthetics?

Now digital technologies cannot be separated not only from our daily lives but also from medicine. Undeniably, advanced technologies have improved in dental procedures as well. By using one of the novelties in dental prosthetics field – CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology – Our dentists at Hollywood smile will take care and make sure that you get the best smile and save your time!

What is special about CAD/CAM technology?

Usually, prosthodontic procedures take multiple trips to your dentist. At first the tooth is polished, temporary crowns are made, then an impression is made, and a new crown is made in a laboratory. These procedures take numerous days to weeks, and if additional corrections are required even longer. With CAD/CAM technology, with the use of bio-coordinated materials, that match the strength of the tooth, dental prosthetics can be completed particularly quickly and precisely! In a few hours a permanent metal-free ceramic crown is made and cemented, and the teeth of the whole mouth can be dealt with a couple of days.

How is digital prosthesis performed?

By using CAD/CAM technology you save time, experience less unpleasantness in the dentist’s chair, and can enjoy a strong and aesthetic restoration for many years to come.

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