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Surgical microscope for dental treatment and diagnosis

The surgical microscope is a device that has the ability to enlarge a single tooth 20 times, as all the details of this year can be known after it is enlarged. There are many advantages to using the surgical microscope in the treatment and diagnosis of teeth, as follows:


It helps us to properly enlarge the size of one tooth, which makes it easier to identify its details accurately, as these details cannot be seen by the naked eye.


It makes the patient’s visit to the dental center less time, as it saves the time needed for a dental examination.


Helps finding calcified and missing canals during root canal therapy

Improving the quality of service provided to the patient after studying the teeth very carefully.

Uses of the surgical microscope for dental treatment

There are many uses, such as root treatment, especially in the elderly, because the nerve filling channels are very narrow or closed, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, but through a medical microscope, these channels can be opened, as well as in the case of the patient having a hole in the The tooth as a result of decay or a previous medical error, the doctor needs a microscope to close this molar.

The microscope can also be used for children from 8 years old to 13 years old, as they may be exposed to some knocks that affect the location of the teeth, and through a medical microscope, this defect can be identified and treated easily.

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